For us it is not the number of labels that makes great a cellar, but the choice of labels.

Wine is not a job for us it is a passion... it is a passion that leads us to go in search of the truth. For us there are no good or less good wines, but real wines or wines made.

We want to have a wine cellar with wines made by men not from machines or sweetening.

We want to have a cellar with wines produced from the ground and by the expert hands of cultivators of passions rather than products ... we must never forget the peasant origin of wine, that wine is first of all nourishment, and as nourishment must bring to the body goodness and that true taste of work and care.

For this reason we have been looking for years in Italy and abroad of those who still make wine with their hands, who respects the territory and natural cycles, who rises at dawn to dynamize the water to make the biodynamic preparations, for those who blush when they are told that their wine is delicious.

We search with the eyes of those who want to understand what and who is behind a wine.

This is the path we have chosen... come with us, you will discover great wines that will transmit you positive energy. True wines.


The soft sound of a cork that is uncorked from the bottle has the sound of a man who is opening his heart.

William S. Benwell

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