Between art and tradition
Grottaglie is famous for the production of precious ceramics, made with care and mastery by expert ceramists and whose value is finely enhanced in the Monun hotel. The city is the greatest keeper of a unique historical, artistic and cultural heritage. On its streets and across the alleys of the Ceramics District you can see the workshops carved from tufa rock, and get to know the most ancient clay working techniques. All you have to do is stay at the Monun and discover a place where history, art and culture meet, making you experience unique emotions and experiences.
The building is located at the very end of the mediaeval center, next to the Saint George Gate and the 13th century Episcopio Castle, all of which lean on the city walls. The property was offered to the nuns by monsignor Pietro Jorio, the then Archbishop of Taranto, and turned into an orphanage for little girls.
Thanks to the help of Mrs. Isabella Scardino, born in Grottaglie and living in Naples, who restored the building with the help of another benefactor, one Mrs. Micera, the place was able to welcome the nuns and their charity work. For 121 years since October 22nd 1886, the the convent was home to the Stimmatine nuns.
The mighty facade (the most important in the entire neighborhood) features many important architectural elements such as capitals, columns, corbels and an outstanding cornice, all carved in tufa.